Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I have been offered a place on a course.  What happens next?

When you first apply for a course you will receive an email response from the College outlining the schedule for interview over the coming period and details of how to login to track your application status on the College’s Enrol system.  In due course, the College will issue you with an invitation to attend interview by way of email and SMS text.  When you have subsequently been offered a place  your status will be amended in your Enrol account with the College. At this stage you will be invited to accept the offer by payment of the Registration Deposit in order to secure your place.  While we endeavour to communicate with you via email and SMS text, on occasion an email may be blocked by your provider’s SPAM filter.  Please remember you can always check any communication from the College by logging on to the Enrol system.

2.  How can I check the status of my application?

While changes in the status of your application are communicated to you via SMS and email, you can also check your status at any time by logging into the College Enrol system.  At application stage, you will have received an email with your username (login-id) and password.  You can go to the login page to input these credentials to view a history of our correspondence with you and make payment of any fees.   Alternatively, you can enter the email address you included in your original application in the “Forgotten Your Password” section and click Submit to be sent a reminder.



Acknowledgment letter with LoginID / Username  — The Enrol login page via



3.  I can’t see any emails coming from the College.  Is there something wrong?

If you do not receive an email from the College it is likely that your provider’s SPAM filter has blocked our emails.  You can check if this is the case by examining your “Spam” or “Filtered” folder. Most email providers provide tools to unblock legitimate emails.  For example, see Google’s tool here.  Please refer to your email providers help pages for instructions to unblock our emails to you.

4. When must I make the balance of payment?

Due dates for fees are outlined in the documentation requesting payment which you can find by logging on to the College Enrol system.  It is expected  that all fees will have been paid in full by September, 30th.  However, if you anticipate any difficulties making payments, a payment plan can be discussed with your co-ordinator during the registration process in August/September.  This will be treated in the strictest confidence.

5. When does College start?

College Registration commences the week beginning August, 31st.  Induction commences  week beginning September, 7th with timetabled classes commencing mid September.

6.  I wish to change my first preference course to another course.  What do I do? 

Please contact the College to request a change of course.

7.  How do I accept an offer of a place?

When you have been offered a place on a course you will see the relevant correspondence appear on your Enrol account, and a new section to make payments will become visible.  To accept an offer of a place on the course, you must login to your Enrol account via .  A €30 deposit is payable on offer of a place, with the balance to be paid by enrollment in August/September.  VTOS holders entering a second year of this scheme are exempt from payment of this deposit and should contact the College for further information.


The Enrol login page via


8.  Can I apply for a Level 5 or Level 6 course if I have already completed another course?

Under the Back To Education Enhancements announced recently by the Minister, applicants who already hold a Level 5 or 6 qualification under the National Framework of Qualifications will now be allowed to undertake further courses of study at either of these levels to further their professional/career development and their overall job prospects.

9.  How do I apply for a course if I am on social welfare?

A jobseeker wishing to apply for one of our courses can avail of the the BTE scheme, where a student can maintain there social welfare benefits and attend a full time course simultaneously.  Applicants need to satisfy a number of conditions, for example, age and being in receipt of a prescribed social welfare payment for a specified time period.  In general, an applicant must be in receipt of a relevant social welfare payment for 3 months if enrolling on a course.  People who are awarded statutory redundancy may, provided an entitlement to a relevant social welfare payment is established, access the scheme immediately prior to commencing an approved course of study.

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